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Cover Title Authors Rating Hits
cover  SLBS. Conversion factors and tables 1   7315
cover  Sadacharan, D.H. Sri Lanka country paper on protection of the marine environment and related ecosystems 0.5   9894
cover  Rusamussen, F.A. Coastal awareness : A resource guide for teachers Junior High Science 1-92 1   4277
cover  Rusamussen, F.A. Coastal awareness:a resource guide for teachers in elementary science 1-84 1.5   4614
cover  James, D.;., F. ; Donald, S. Report on a Management Strategy for the Conservation and Development of Coastal And Marine Resources of the East America India Ocean Region 1   7592
cover  IFS. Water analysis:User fiendly field/ laboratory manual 1.5   3970
cover  Report on a management strategy for the conservation and development of coastal and marine resources of the East Africa Indian Ocean Region 1   16807
cover  Coastal resources management program 2   3892
cover  The Value and the vulnerability of coastal resources 2   4342

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