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Library: Environmental Science
Cover Title Authors Rating Hits
cover  William P.Cunningham, B.W.S. Environmental Science;A global concern 1-xxi,612p (Wm.C.Brown publishers, U.S.A, 1995). 1.5   22443
cover  Vaughan , A.M. An Analysis of environmental Attitudes in Unawatuna, Ganahena and Yakdehimulla Sri Lanka (1995). 2   4145
cover  Unesco. Methodological Guidelines for the Integrated Environmental Evaluation of Water Resources Development (Unesco, 1987). 0.5   5987
cover  UNE. Coastal Environmental Management Plan for the West Coast of Sri Lanka : Preliminary Survey and Interim Action Plan : Summary 1985). 2   4356
cover  UN:ESCAP. Coastal Environmental management plan for the West coast of Sri Lanka : Preliminary Survey & Interim Action Plan (UN ESCAP Bangkok, 1985). 1   6837
cover  UN/ESCAP. Coastal Environmental Management plan for the West Coast of Sri Lanka : Preliminary Survey and Interim Action Plan 1.5   3834
cover  Survey Research Lanka, L. Environmental avareness survey Sri Lanka 1993 (Suevey Research Lanka Ltd., 1993). 1   14313
cover  Silva, E.I.L. Denaturing the quality of nature 1-1-86 (The Institute of Fundamental Studies, The Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 1993). 1.5   3612
cover  SACEP. SACEP Strategy and Programmel 1992-1996 (SSP -I) (1992). 2   4037
cover  SACEP. Report of the Fifth Meeting of the Governing Council of the South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme (SACEP)( 21st September 1992 ) (South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme, 1992). 1   6402

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