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நூலகம்: Remote Sensing
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cover  Classen, d.V.R. The Applications of digital remote sensing techniques in coral reef, oceanographic and estuarine studies 1-159 (Unesco, Townsville,Australia, 1986). 1.5   6272
cover  Looekey National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan prepared for USA Department of Commerce (James Dobbin Associates, 1983). 1   6942
cover  Proceedings of the Fourth Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS, Colombo ,Sri Lanka, 1983). 0.5   111773
cover  Sri Lanka Swiss Satellite Imagery Interpretation Project. Report on the Testphase:mapping of landuse as a benchmark for monitoring of forest cover changes and paddyland ( Sri lanka . Centre for Remote 0.5   7326
cover  Introduction to Remote Sensing;a short basic course compiled from several elementary sources by Sri Lanka Swiss Project Team (Sri lanka Survey Department, 1980). 1.5   3232
cover  Illustrated catalogue of drawing office and allied equipment and materials (Cook Troughton & Simms Ltd, ). 1   6349

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