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நூலகம்: Coral Reefs
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cover  Ranaweera Banda, R.M. A study on the effect of demolishing lime kilns on coral miningand assessment of the amount of coral being mined on the South Western Coast of Sri Lanka (CCD, 1994). 1   10364
cover  JICA. Draft Final Report for the Study on Sand Drift in the Southeastern Coast of Sri lanka (Oct. 1989). 1.5   7911
cover  JICA. Interim Report for the Study on Sand Draft in the Southeastern Coast (1989). 1   6232
cover  JICA. Draft final report for the study on sand drift in the southeastern coat of Sri Lanka (Japan International Cooperation Agency, 1989). 2   3963
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cover  ISTR. Preliminary study for the preparation of a Master Plan for coastal development (English summary) (Institute of Scientific &Technological Research, Thailand, 1980). 2   4483

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