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Cover Title Authors Rating Hits
cover  Savundranayagam, T. The Economic Significance of the Coastal Region of Sri Lanka 1   6133
cover  Pethiyagoda, D. The Geology and economic significance of shell beds along the Hungama Hambantota coastal areas (Geological Survey Department, ) 1   27981
cover  NEI - Netherlands Economic Institute. National Sand study for Sri Lanka - Phase One (Netherlands Economic Institute, 1992) 1   8019
cover  NEI. National Sand Study for Sri Lanka -Phase One: Draft Final Report -Vol. I- Report Jan. 1992 (1992). 1   9827
cover  NEI. National sand study for Sri Lanka -Phase one: draft final report Vol.1 -Report January 1992 (Netherlands Economic Institute. Delft, the Netherlands, 1992). 1   6262
cover  Munasinghe, H. Socio-economic conditions of small scale fishermen in Sri Lanka (Marga - Sri Lanka, 1980). 0   8343
cover  • Fernando, M.R.D. & Seneviratne, L.K. Mineral resources in the coastal area of Sri Lanka (Coastal Resources Management Project,). 1   9993
cover  Edward L. Fox, R.W.B., Merle L. Foss. The Physiological Basis for Exercise and Sport 1-xii;710p (Wm.C.Brown Communications,Inc., 1993) 0.5   6197
cover  Interim Report for the Study on Sand Drift in the Southeastern Coast (Japan International Cooperation Agency, 1989). 2   4397

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