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Library: Port Harbours
Cover Title Authors Rating Hits
cover  PCDC. Port maintenance hand book: Chapter 5 - Michanical equipment. 1-108 (PIANC, Brussels, 1985). 0.5   9279
cover  MFI. Consultancy Services for Habour Construction Supervision - TEchnical Proposal . 1.5   4450
cover  MF&AR. Sri Lanka Fisheries Sector Project :Bidding documents for dredging of fishery harbours at Beruwala, Mirirssa and Puranwella (Minstry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, 1993). 1   6679
cover  MF&AR. Report on the Environmental Impact Assessment Study on the Proposed Rehabilitation of Kirinda Fishery Harbour (Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, 1992). 1.5   6413
cover  MF&AR. Report on the environmental impact assessment study on the proposed rehabilitation of Kirinda fishery harbour - September 1992 (Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, 1992). 1.5   4948
cover  Meijier, H.P. Rotterdam Europort (Reprint) (Land & Water / International, 1968). 0.5   5127
cover  Ltd., J.L.I. Marine Drive Project Colombo Sri Lanka: Feasibility Study Report (John Laing International, 1992). 1   4747
cover  Ltd., L.H.I. Kirinda fishery harbour :Note on siltation conditions and proposed investigations (Lanka Hydraulic Institute Ltd., 1985). 1   4277
cover  Lowdon, J.W. Ceylon Seaports and their Development 1-30 (International Bank for Reconstruction and development, Colombo, 1969). 1   4439
cover  LHI. Field Investigation at Puranawella Fisheries Harbour : Final Report (Annex) (Jan. 1994). 0.5   8731

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