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நூலகம்: Dredging
Cover Title Authors Rating Hits
cover  CWS. Recommendations of the Committee for Waterfront Structures - EAU 1985 (Eng. tr. of the 7th German ed.) 1986). 1   5557
cover  CCD. Tender documentation of a revetment at ellamadama (Notice to Tenderers) (Ministry of Ports and Shipping/ Coast Conservation Department, ). 1   8195
cover  CCD. Tender documentation for construction of a revetment at Wellamadama . 1   12645
cover  Final Design report/prepared for National Water Supply and Drainage Board, ratmalana (Sri Lanka ewarage Project, 1981). 1.5   9403
cover  Sri Lanka Construction Industry Training Project: Sri Lanka Specifications for Coastal and Harbour Engineering Works (Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Construction, 1981). 1   9462
cover  Sri Lanka Construction Industry Training Project: Sri Lanka specification for coastal and harbour engineering works (Ministry of Local Government Housing & Construction, 1981). 1   5372

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