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පුස්තකාල: Fishing
Cover Title Authors Rating Hits
cover  Wood, E. Exploitation of coral reef fishes for the aguarium trade 1-121 (Funa and Flora Preservation, 1985). 0.5   8458
cover  White, A.T. & Deheragoda, C.K.M. Coastal zone and fisheries management in Sri Lanka:prospects for integration by Alan T White and C.K.M. Deheragoda (CRMP, 1994) 0.5   8212
cover  W.D. Lakshman, P.M.D., J.K.M.D.Chandrasiri. Master Plan For the Development of Fisheries in Sri Lanka ,1979-83: An Evalution of Performance. (1985) 0.5   4271
cover  Skreslet, S. The Role of Freshwater outflow in Coastal Marine Ecosystems(Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on the Role of Freshwater Outflow in Coastal Marine Ecosystems held in Bodo 1   6713
cover  Sivasubramaniam, K. Fisheries research in Sri Lanka (ADB/SRI LANKA Fisheries sector development project, 1995). 1.5   5048
cover  Siriwardana, P.P.G.S.N. Aquaculture in Sri Lanka's coastal environment: activities, contributions, conflicts and projections (1990). 0.5   5680
cover  Ruddles, K. & Johannes, R.E. The Traditional knowledge and management of coastal systems in Asia and the Pacific: (UNESCO-ROSTSEA, ). 1   6475
cover  Ray, B.S. Fishery reports for 1923 (Madras : Government press, 1924). 1   3805
cover  MFSL. Aquaculture Development Project: Evaluation Report on Tenders for Contract No. 04 (Dec. 1988). 0.5   11411
cover  MFAR. Sri Lanka Aquaculture Development Project:New Hatchery Complex-Udawalawa Tender Documents. Contract No 1 (1989). 1   10825

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